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Hire a professional to assist you with your remodeling project. Northwest Home Designing, Inc. would enjoy an opportunity to assist you with your remodel project. Our professional design team will present innovative ideas to convert your existing home into your dream home. We will also make suggestion and recommendations to help you stay within your remodeling budget; as well as, the feasibility with the existing structure, and design the new structure to meet the latest building codes.

NHD, Inc. will convert your existing home into a dream home. If you want to give your existing home an extreme makeover, or make minor revisions; such as, updating an existing bathroom or adding a new recreation room. We can help! Northwest Home Designing, Inc. has specialized in remodeling for more than 46 years.

What to bring to your remodel appointment:

  1. Covenant, Code, and Restrictions (CC&R)
  2. Brings photographs of existing building
  3. Site information
  4. Scope of Work (preliminary of what you would like modified)
  5. Building set-backs
  6. Survey (prior to construction documents)
  7. Existing set of construction documents (original structure)
  8. Bring a prioritized wish list of the items that you would like to remodel
  9. Budget - Inform the Designer of the amount of money you wish to spend on this project.