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Custom Division:

Northwest Home Designing, Inc., (NHD) has an entire Custom Design Division staffed by professionals dedicated to the proposition that details make a difference. Details are not a small matter with us, it's everything. It's implicit, after all, in the very definition of custom design. Details are essential to our reputation and success. What does detail mean in actual practice? It means empathizing with your needs. It means creative design solutions, appreciation of the importance of small and subtle effects, working together to obtain the successful completion of your project. It means, in short, your custom dreams become reality. At Northwest Home Designing, Inc. details make a difference. It's not just a slogan; it is our business philosophy.

Our years of experience, has taught us that the best way to create a successful Custom Dream Home is to follow specific procedures with every project. After scheduling an appointment, our staff will send you a Custom Criteria Form. Please complete this form and bring it to your initial consultation.

We begin with a personal consultation. During this consultation, we will discover pertinent information about your families' lifestyle, important desire and needs, features and key elements that make your vision of a dream home, a stunning success.

Secondly, we will gather information regarding your property (setbacks, topography, survey, height restrictions, lot coverage, CC&R, and etc.); in addition, we will conduct an on-site analysis to ensure that the final plan is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Custom home designing is progress in motion; a work of art. Based on the compilation of information obtain from your completed custom criteria form, site information, and consultations, our custom design team will produce conceptual drawings depicting your dream home. Once the conceptual drawings illustrate your vision of your ideal "Dream Home", we will then complete the final construction documents.

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