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Northwest Home Designing, Inc. provides modifications to our pre-designed (stock) plans. During the last four decades, we have customized our pre-designed stock plans for thousands of satisfied customers. By making revisions to accommodate our client's lifestyle and adding customized personal touches, our pre-designed plan becomes a "Dream Home" without the cost of a custom.

Many clients have requested more-specialize changes to our pre-designed plans. This may include revisions, such as, enlarging or reducing room sizes, adding windows or doors, changing elevations, adding a third car or RV stall, foundation changes to accommodate the building site, and personal touches. If you are interested in making modifications, we recommend having the plan completely and accurately modified prior to purchasing and constructing the plan. As a result, this will alleviate confusion, costly-mistakes, and delays with your local building officials.

If you are interested in receiving a modification quote, we recommend that you contact our showroom. Our receptionist will schedule the next available appointment with our modification department. During this consultation, our professional staff member will discuss your personal touches, offer suggestions, and provide conceptual drawings, along with an estimate of hours and completion date, for the newly revised dream home. If you would like to proceed with the modifications, we will request a retainer to start the project, and the balance to be paid in full on completion.

For out-of-state clients, we recommend that NHD makes the revisions to our plans. However, we do offer reproducible sepia, along with an acceptance of our Sepia Agreement, which allows changes to be made by a qualified architect, engineer, or designer. Sepia is a cost-effective way to make changes to the design. This allows you to comply with your specific state regulations, local building departments, and personal refinement without infringing on our copyright laws. The reproducible sepia is subject to the terms of NHD's License Agreement, Copyright and Release Agreement, and is used to construct one structure.

What to bring to your Modification Appointment

  • Plan information - marked up bid set, study set, brochure
  • Site information - recorded plat map, survey, topography, setback information, etc.

When will my Modification be completed?

  • After your consultation, your Modification Specialist will provide you with an estimated due date.
  • This estimated due date is established by working days only, excluding weekends.
  • Typically our modifications time frame is approximately 15 to 20 working days. However, this may change during our peak season.
  • If you need to expedite your order, we do offer an over-time program. If you are interested in this program, please discuss this option with your Modification Specialist.
  • If you decided to make additional changes beyond your original scope of work, we recommend scheduling an additional appointment to discuss the additional changes.
  • Once your modifications are completed, our receptionist will contact you to schedule another meeting to review the revised plan. If these changes are satisfactory, we will then finalize your order and print your construction documents while you wait.
  • If you are interested in having us assist you with engineering services, ask our sales staff for assistance. With your permission, we can electronically submit your revised plans to the engineer for an estimate.
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