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Site Plan Form/Check List:

Site Plan Service

Northwest Home Designing will produce Site Plans for $90 per hour. (Download PDF file) For site plans depicting sections, irregular sites or specialized county requirements, an additional fee may be charged.

What is a site plan and why do you need one? A site plan is a representation of the compiled information (plat, survey, zoning, etc.) that portrays how a structure is situated on your building site combined with the information required by your local building official. Typically, they are drawn to an engineer scale.

Your building department will require a site plan for each submittal. Depending on where you submit, certain requirements must be met to achieve the proper configuration for each jurisdiction. For information regarding your requirements, please contact your local building department. In rare cases, when the requirements are too complex (grading %, landscaping, site improvements-sidewalks) ,we may recommend that you hire a civil engineer to complete the site plan.

Once you have gathered all the required information, as mentioned below, we will provided an estimate for the site plan scope of work along with the estimated completion date. If you accept our proposal and are ready to proceed with the Site Plan Service Proposal, please sign, date, remit retainer, and fax it to our site plan department at (253) 588-0607.

(Download Sample PDF Site Plan file)

Site Plan Requirements:
  • Survey or Plat Map - Provided by a civil engineer showing meets and bounds
  • Topography - If any slope
  • CC&R and Zoning Information - Setbacks, Height Restrictions, % of Lot
  • Legal Description - Site Address, Parcel #, City, Subdivision, Lot #, County, Zip code
  • Geo Tech report (if sloped property)
  • Wetland Setbacks

(Download PDF file)
Site Plan