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  • Sq. Ft.: 2880
  • Bed(s): 3
  • Bath(s): 2.5
  • Width: 83
  • Depth: 48


Pricing and Purchase Options - 507

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Non Construction floor plans and front elevation. The study set will be e-mailed to your provided e-mail address.

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Customer preparation instructions:

Before ordering, we recommend that you consult with your local planning department to determine your jurisdiction's requirements to construct one building structure. Your local planning department and jurisdiction may require the following: Electronic PDF or paper submittal, jurisdictional modifications, architect stamp, site or plot plan, civil and structural engineering, energy forms and additional documents. If you need to submit paper copies, you will add-on the Construction Package Blueprint options. If you are building in the state of Washington, please select the Washington State Energy Form option that fits your criteria, If you are required to have jurisdiction modifications, please contact our office or complete the on-line modifcation form for an estimate. If you need assistance with engineering and would like a quote from a local engineer, please let us know.

To expedite the order process, the following site information will be needed prior to moving forward: parcel, lot #, subdivision, county, street address, city, state, and zip code.

All fields marked with a * are required.

Single PDF License Fee. This Single License grants you, the Licensee, a non-exclusive right to use and to construct one structure from this PDF file. The Licensee may print up to 10 sets from these files for the site specific address provided at the client's expense. The grant of License excludes the the license to make modifications to this design. If you are interested in making modifications, please contact a sales representive for more information or complete the online modification form. NHD reserves all rights not expressly granted to Licensee. Subject to the terms of NHD's PDF Single License Agreement. (Certain terms apply)

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PDF Limited License Fee. If you are interested in building this plan multiple times, this is the license package for you.

*Subject to the terms of NHD's License Agreement.


Cad Limited License Fee. If you are interested in building this plan multiple times and would like to make your changes, this is the license package for you. Subject to availability.

*Subject to the terms of NHD's License Agreement.



Before ordering, consult with your local planning department, lender, builder, engineer, architect and HOA to determine the format (PDF or paper) required and the number of blueprints needed for your order. If you are building in Washington State and your jurisdiction requires construction plans with Engineering, please see below.
All plan license packages are subject to the terms of NHD's License Agreements.


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Call our office before ordering. Engineering is based on site specific information and is required in most jurisdictions. Engineer to verify that re-use engineering will work for your site.

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